Posted by: Alison Gilbert | April 18, 2010

MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business

MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business

My submission for the 'Next Top Author' Competition

My name is Alison D. Gilbert. I am the author of MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business.

My mission is to preserve and promote business as an ethical, responsible and creative means of achieving personal financial success and prosperity while supporting the economy, reducing poverty and bettering the world.

My book presents and embraces a system by which this vision can become a reality for entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders of non-profit organizations and for the rest of us.

The above video, which you can view on YouTube by clicking on the link provided, is my submission for the ‘Next Top Spiritual Author’ Competition. To vote for MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business, go to the Web site page: to register and then vote for me and as many of the other amazing authors as you like. You can search for my book in three ways:

• by Author last name, Gilbert

• by Top Author ID # 2540

• by the five categories under which I have listed my book. They are business, business development, finance, money and success.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of this timely subject. Let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you.

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