Have You Ever Been Kissed by a Giraffe?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the ‘Introduction to How I Spent My Summer Vacation’, I had not been on an airplane since 1996. So flying to both California (Santa Barbara and Dan Diego) and Colorado (Denver and Basalt) in one month was more than I anticipated or expected to enjoy. But as the serendipitous nature of life would have it, I had three of the greatest adventures of my entire life.

Today’s blog post will focus my first adventure, my experience with Chuku and Chamoa; they are @ 18 foot tall mother and daughter giraffes who live what seems to be a very contented life being the center of human attention at the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park several times a day.

They are the benefactors of tourists who sign up for various length photo (and feeding) safaris daily. Although they are well equipped to feed on their own with very slimy long black tongues designed ideally to acquire leaves from the abundance of acacia trees, there is nothing like being hand fed (and reciprocating with an occasional kiss.)

I was one of the very honored few that established such a rapport; even our guide said that I was highly social, from an anthropological perspective. Chuku, Chamoa and I took to each other like long, lost friends.

The above  video and still photo below really tell the story. So I won’t say much more. I simply want to leave you with the thought of my memory of getting two of the ‘slobberiest’ kisses I have even received in my life and loving every moment of my time with them.

A Giraffe Kiss in Exchange for Some Acacia Leaves

How sweet it is!

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