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Getting ready for the next lesson in teaching baby boomers about Social Media

This is the first in an occasional series of articles about the new mascot for Marketing Bytes, Inbound Boomer. He symbolizes the importance of and fact that part of our goal is to educate baby boomers in Social Media.

If you are mature enough to qualify for membership in AARP, then you definitely need to read this blog post. Its contents are of great importance and relevance to anyone who is old enough to be considered a baby boomer, is still working or wants to stay current with the technology.

Social Media is NOT a passing fad. Some people thought that e-mailing was unnecessary and that even computers were superfluous to their lives. There may still be a few who hold fast to that but they are definitely considered Luddites (or neo-Luddites according to PC Magazine).

There was a time when the automobile was also thought to be a passing fad. With each new leap in technology, there is a period of non-acceptance and a politicization of those who believe in their longevity and those who don’t. Be assured that Social Media is here to stay.

If you work either for someone else or for yourself, if you want to stay in touch with friends and family, you will most likely need to or want to dive in.

Social Media is not just confined to the myriad of social venues that are headed by the big three, facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, with You Tube running a close fourth. It is actually part of a system of communication and marketing of information, products and services.

It is technically known as Inbound Marketing, a term that was coined by two MIT students, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah. They coined the term to contrast this new type of marketing in contrast to the traditional or old type of marketing called Outbound Marketing.

When they started their company, Hubspot, which is located not far from their alma mater, their early Powerpoint Presentations contrasted the two systems by showing a sledgehammer and a magnet. The sledgehammer symbolized the coercive nature of attempting to convince a customer that a merchant or professional had what they needed and that they wanted it (no matter how many times they had to be hit over the head to be convinced to make a purchase).

Outbound Marketing’s sledgehammer was rivaled only by the royal pain, ‘Cold Calling’ especially right at dinner time when telemarketers invariably intruded.

With Inbound (attraction) Marketing, thanks to the Internet, both customer and business owner meet through the matching up system that is set up by the various tools of Inbound Marketing. They include social media, a means of giving and getting peer reviews, blogs, leads nurturing, SEO and other analytics.  This happens because sellers can set up their Internet presence so that what they offer is easy to find. At the same time, consumers know exactly what they want.

BINGO, a match is made in Internet heaven faster than you can lick a stamp. (I know you don’t lick stamps any more. I just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention).

This is your introduction to Inbound Boomers and first lesson. Social Media is here to stay. So unless you are planning to be put out to pasture or the back nine as a livelihood, you probably want to embrace it, now.

For your homework, it is strongly suggested that you read the following two books which can be purchased through Amazon by simply clicking on the links below, a perfect example of Inbound Marketing.


One of the two books you have to read for homework


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The second of two books to read for homework

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  1. Great information Allison – Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, I love writing and am now on several different online venues besides my blog. My blog is the easiest because I can set the rules, am unlimited in topics, photos, videos, etc. Primarily my goal is to provide information that will educate and entertain readers mostly about marketing and design issues. Anything you would like to know about, just let me know. Here are some links to other writing venues of mine you might enjoy and find educational.
      NY Graphic Design Examiner
      MerchantCircle Blogs
      Suite101 Article on Color Trends

  2. I’m about halfway through Inbound Marketing,; it’s required reading in an MBA class I’m taking at UNR: “Personal Branding 726.” As such, I have found it very helpful. Halligan and Shah really know what they’re talking about.

    Another terrific book is The Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder Kabani.

    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for your comment. Lucky you to be studying at UNR. I am doing all my learning on line which works out well for me. I really appreciate your providing me with this other book. I will have to check it out. The copy I have of Inbound Marketing is straight from Hubspot, the company Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah started. It is autographed by both of them. It is a prized possession. Let’s talk more about our Inbound Marketing plans. How do you like my new mascot, ‘Inbound Boomer’?

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