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Plug-Ins: How to Improve Your WordPress Blog

“One of the neat aspects about WordPress is nobody owns it. The blog platform, as an open source community, is collectively shared by anyone and everyone who contribute code and provide feedback about what works and what needs improvement. With more than 1,300 themes and over 13,000 plugins, the appearance and functionality of any WordPress blog is up to the blog owner’s imagination.”

So begins a blog post by Ari Herzog, someone who is extremely familiar with this topic. To continue to read in detail about how he uses plugins, read the rest of his blog post. Here is some additional information about him as I was extremely impresses with his knowledge and feel that others will benefit from it as well.
This article was written by Ari Herzog.A policy and communications specialist, Ari helps organizations develop social media strategy and improve their marketing and communications services to raise awareness, build relationships, and create new business opportunities. Have you read his marketing strategies and new media tips? Ari is also active on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and welcomes your personalized invitation to connect.

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  1. Ari’s list of plugins looks quite a bit like mine. Interesting note about DoFollow. I’ll have to check into that. I linked this comment to the recent post that listed the key plugins I use on GrowMap.

    • Gail,
      Thanks so much for your contribution. GrowMap looks fascinating and really good advice about blogs, 20% content and 80% plug-ins. I hope that anyone who sees your comment will click on your name and go to GrowMap to read it. As I mentioned in my comment, as a new blogger, I am just learning ‘the rules of the road’. Ari Herzog, from whom I quoted an excerpt (originally his entire blog, by mistake) explained by scraping which is a no-no. But I have learned so much from both him and now with your comment. Thank you!

  2. Nice post Ari! I use almost all of the same plug-ins that you do and think they are great. However, I use Elegant Themes on my blog and love some of their theme designs.

    Do you see a lot of people using the Twitterlinks plug-in on your blog? I might have to give that bad boy a try…

    • Chris,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I had posted Ari’s entire blog as I was so impressed by it. I have since corrected that and put only an excerpt as I learned that what I did is a blogger ‘no-no’ by rules of the Internet Super Highway. Your comment came back to me rather than going to him as you intended. My apologies for that. I am not sure how to forward your comment to him.

  3. I must apologize for my neophite knowledge of WordPress and the protocol for using information from other people’s blog posts. It is all part of the very steep and sometimes painful learning curve to make such an embarrasing mistake. But a gift to have someone as patient as Ari to explain to me how to use an excerpt from another person’s blog post.

  4. It is indeed a good list of plugins and I use most of them on my own sites. I also use Ajax Edit Comments which allows users a time frame to edit and correct their own comments or request deletion.

  5. Justin,
    Thanks so much for your comment. I am a fairly new blogger and have decided to create a blog-site. It is my latest fascination with all the social media ‘toys’. I have a fair amount of content out in the stratosphere as I write on several sites and am the NY Graphic Design But WordPress and plug-ins are a whole new universe for me to explore. Thanks for your input. I had no idea how amazing WordPress is. Do you have a strong preference for the .com or .org version?

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