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Tech care packages for parents (and grandparents)

Ok all you adult kids. It’s time to say thanks to your parents and grandparent for all those cookies and extra socks they sent you in camp and college. Google has come up with a parent’s TECH SUPPORT care package.

Has Boomer been running up the phone bill calling Google about teaching baby boomers Inbound Marketing? I often wonder where he goes at night. Below is a preview of what the announcement looks like.

Then there is a link below to the Google page to talk action. Let mom and dad know you love them with computer basics. The next thing you know, they will be ready for the latest in technology just for baby boomers. You see, Inbound Boomer is on to something. It seems that even Google agrees with him. Baby boomers can learn computer basics, then social media and even Inbound Marketing. The sky is the limit!

Tech from tots

Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven,Connecting B2B and B2C locally and globally 
Inbound Boomer, Mascot for Marketing Bytes, teaching baby boomers Inbound Marketing

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