Playing Internet ‘Telephone’

When someone quotes an excerpt from a blog that lists content that another writer wrote, what do you call it? Internet telephone? So I guess I am going to play a little Internet telephone with you.

I imagine almost everyone knows Seth Godin by now, certainly in on-line marketing circles. He is quoted in a recent blog by Dharmesh Shah, whom everyone in Inbound Marketing circles also knows since he and Brian Halligan wrote the book on it. (Click on the link to see and purchase it directly from Amazon).

Seth’s topic that appears on Dharmesh’s blog is:
23 Tweetable Startup Insights From Seth Godin

Providing the link from Dharmesh’s blog, On, that includes Seth’s insights, would probably be considered hearsay in the legal profession. Fortunately, we are not in court nor are you reading the transcript of a legal deposition or EBT (examination before trial) since no one is on trial.

I wrote this post because I want to share what I have found to be valuable, if not remarkable (one of Seth’s favorite words which he refers to in Purple Cow, one of his many books also available directly from Amazon at the title link). Likewise, I hope you are reading it for some of the same reasons I wrote it.

I am very much a new comer to this fascinating universe in which I follow gurus, mentors and practically gods of this industry. But we are all on our own level or place in line, as I see it, holding the lantern to guide the person behind us out of the darkness and into the light.

So although I may be light years behind these geniuses, I trust that in sharing some of their wisdom through the proper blogging etiquette of passing on blog info, that at worst we might play a bit of Internet telephone and at best someone besides myself will have gotten value from reading this information about
23 Tweetable Startup Insights From Seth Godin
on Dharmesh Shah’s blog, On

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