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Does Google +1 = facebook ‘LIKE’ page?

“While Google may cover around thirteen percent of US display in online advertising marketing, Facebook may garner around twenty-two percent. Not surprisingly, it seems like Google has decided they actually do like the way Facebook allows users to share their interest, recommendations and ideas. So they have now added their own method of ‘liking’ or upvoting favored websites and other content. This method for helping to endorse chosen content and search results gives Googlers just one more way to endorse the products and services they enjoy.”

So begins a recent blog post by colleague, Basil C. Puglici, Digital Brand Marketing Educator. It is a fascinating article about an experimental program that Google has begun, called Google +1, to ‘compete with’ or ‘emulate’ the facebook ‘LIKE’ page.

I am going to give it a try and wanted to give my readers the opportunity to do so as well. The instructions on how to use Google +1 are in Basil’s blog entitled,
Google Search goes social with +1.

Let me know what you think. You can also let Basil know what you think when you visit his blog post and comment there, too.

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  1. I wanted to follow up and let everyone know that I have added +1 to my Google profile. It is fun and easy to use. Of course, it is much to soon to say if Google +1=facebook ‘LIKE’page. But the way, I see it, the more ways to communicate, the better. I am not invested in who is more popular or who’s stock is at what % higher or lower. I like both Google and facebook. In fact, I like it all even though it often feels like driving without any lessons.

  2. The very same day that I learned about Google +1, I read that facebook now has something called +2. The competitive spirit is alive and well.

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