Essential Marketing Tools: Local Directories and Google Places

Here’s my latest entry in the Local On-line Business Directories:
And if you want to know more about this, view this informational video:
Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven,
Connecting B2B and B2C locally and globally
Inbound Boomer, Mascot for Marketing Bytes, teaching baby boomers Inbound Marketing

About Alison Gilbert, Digital Age Storyteller

I am an entrepreneur, writer, artist, health food cook, advocate, inventor, designer, voice actor, and currently the owner of MARKETING BYTES (Alison*s Art, Inc. dba Marketing Bytes). I have been creating, promoting and marketing identities for my own ventures and other businesses in many industries for almost three decades. In embracing the latest online marketing technology, I have become an Ambassador between the Analog and Digital Ages as well as the Digital Age Storyteller. My company, Marketing Bytes uses the latest technology, known as 'Inbound Marketing', (online marketing), social media, websites, blogs, content management, etc. with the best of traditional communication, advertising, graphic design, branding, illustration, photography and video to connect businesses with consumers at both the local level and globally. The mission of Marketing Bytes is to preserve and promote business as an ethical responsible and creative means of achieving personal financial freedom, supporting the economy and bettering the world. The goal of Marketing Bytes is to educate business in making the transition from old to new media. With assistance from mascot, Inbound Boomer and family member, Digital Age Granny, this process is made as enjoyable as possible. Marketing Bytes also educates and assists consumers in utilizing the latest technology to find what they want and realize their purchasing dreams. View all posts by Alison Gilbert, Digital Age Storyteller

3 Responses to “Essential Marketing Tools: Local Directories and Google Places”

  • Roger Scime

    Alison, When I followed the Yext link (above), I was directed to a login page . . . which offered no way to sign up or to create an account. From your previous posts, I understand the importance of local directories and so am extremely interested in discovering new platforms. How does one get to the site?

    • The Marketing Bytes Maven

      Hello Roger,
      I hope you found your way to the Yext link. They still send me updates even though the free trial has ended. There are so many fantastic tools that have free trials or that do not cost anything to start. Two of my favorites are being incorporated into both my renovated websites. They have to do with Google placement, reviews, and Local Online Business Directories. All are my favorite new tools (tech toys). So keep an eye out for them. You will figure out what they are if you go to and

  • 'Maven in the Hat!

    Try this link to view my profile on Yext:
    Then you can call them at 888-921-8247 to see if they still offer a free trial of their services. That is how I signed up for it.

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