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A Blog Post a Day, they say. I say, Are You Crazy?

I have read repeatedly how important it is to write a blog post everyday. There are so many good reasons for doing this in our world of socially motivated technology that I do not even have the wear with all to list them. Many competent bloggers have already made those lists, anyway.

My list is more along the lines of how does one manage to write a blog post a day besides running a business, keeping up on all the major social media venues, writing articles for other on line venues, review (not even answer) what usually amounts to about 100 e-mails a day, sign up for and monitor Local Online Business Directories, refresh one’s website often and optimize it for searches.

All of this does not even include eating (unless you do it at the computer as I have been reduced to doing), sleeping (which I have succumbed to at the computer more than once), socializing (that has gone out the window to which my friends will attest) and having fun if one needs to do more than be computer addicted for thrills.

Back when I was a child, everyone marveled at the idea of the coming computer age (when the machines would not require an entire room and spit out funny cards with holes in them). The word was that computers and eventually robots would take over all the drudgery of work and we would have more leisure time than we would know what to do with.

WHAT HAPPENED? I have worked harder in the last year learning the ins and outs of social media, online marketing, online branding, Inbound Marketing which is all basically the same thing being called by a variety of names. The learning curve has been so steep that I half jokingly call it a back flip.

In addition, the pundits of this new technology have uttered the word that only a younger person can become a ‘digital citizen’ and that someone who may have dozens of years experience in business, marketing in particular, has no or little place in the economic aspect of this brave new world  for anyone my age who undertakes it.

Let me not mislead my readers into thinking that I am unhappy with the way things are. I have never been so passionate about anything in my life. It excites me beyond words to know that I am using a technology that is itself only a few decades old and that most of the new companies creating the evolved versions of their 20th century predecessors are less than five or ten years old. Talk about getting in on the ground floor!

My biggest challenge has been that I want to know EVERYTHING about this social media and I want to know it YESTERDAY. Neither of these is possible. But I have come to not only see the dots, and have started to connect them to the extent that the gaps are filling in. It is starting to make sense, a lot of sense. It is also a thing of great beauty in my eyes.

Some of us social media enthusiasts are beginning to be referred to as evangelists, really. I am not fond of the term, but I admit, I suspect that I qualify. For example, I have struggled for years to figure out how two disparate divisions of my business could fit together or relate to each other.

Thanks to the new technology, the light bulb went off in my head a few evenings ago as I worked on my new and second website. Each division of my business concept has its own site. The irony is that these divisions use exactly the same technology. They are simply opposite sides of the same ‘new technology’ coin. So how do they differ and what distinguishes them from each other?

One is a B2B, provides business marketing services to other business owners. The affect can be like riding in a rocket. The other is a B2C. Our business also serves consumers providing information about and hands on support for learning now to use this new technology to maximize their experience as shoppers in both local and global purchasing venues. The available resources are astounding.

If it were not for the passion that fuels me, I would be even more exhausted by the time my afternoon nap rolls around. One of the perks of being the boss is that naps and snacks can be mandatory. It is a whole new world out there. It does not belong only to the young. A blog post a day may not be an appropriate or viable remedy for some of us. But working with joy and a sense of ‘ikigai’, translated from Japanese to mean, ‘the reason that one wakes up in the morning’ and I add, ‘with a smile on my face’.

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  1. Love your photo’s and the blog – yes its funny how this tech age is supposed to give us more time, I wish ha! I can totally relate to that !

    • Thank you Sally. It is good to know that someone out there heard what I said and even agrees with me! It is sort of a love-hate relationship, this computer technology. Take care and I will look at your website (if I can find the time, just kidding).

  2. Thank you, very interesting, one can appreciate your willingness to write, as well as read, the volume of material that is ‘blogged’ to us every day

    • Thank you, serendipitousness2011. I do my best. Everyone agrees that there is more information available than anyone can digest or be aware now. This is a result of the advent of immediate interplanetary communication and dissemination of information and opinions. So one my be both very selective and focus down to a niche of interest and professionalism to survive and not drown in the sea of words.

  3. You have to admit, though, that blog posts have “juice” all out of proportion to their perceived value. And, the more coherent and original content you have out there, the more “social capital” you possess.

    Now, I agree that a blog post per day may seem a bit obsessive (I use the word “bit” advisedly), but if your goal is to push you or your clients to the top of Google’s SERPs, you may have to drag yourself up, kicking and screaming, by a heavy, linked chain of blog posts.

    Oh, and I know the preceding metaphor is stretched and a mess, but I’ve been out of action the past few weeks and I’m trying to get the flow back.

  4. Another blogging guru said once a week is sufficient. I am going to see if I can go with that. And I am going to have two blogs because I am separating Marketing Bytes and Alison*s Art, Inc. into two entities.
    Good to hear from you.

  5. I am subscribed to some blogs that post over 25 times a day! I can barely keep up with the reading, and actually I find this strategy counteractive. It’s just too much and most of the time I just “mark all as read” in my reader without even looking at any of the posts. One post a day is just fine with me as a blog reader – I can manage that. As a blogger, I post on average twice a week (sometimes more, sometimes less) – that’s what I can manage =)

    Thank for your nice comment on Holly’s Blog. It’s nice to meet you!

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