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Steve Jobs’ 2012 Presidential Prediction for Obama


Steve Jobs © Yahoo!

“Steve Jobs, known for his aggressive and sometimes prickly personality, didn’t hold back when he met President Obama in 2010: The Apple CEO warned Obama he wasn’t going to win re-election.

‘You’re headed for a one-term presidency,’ Jobs said during a meeting with the president that took place a year prior to Jobs’ death related to pancreatic cancer, according to his upcoming biography as reported by the Huffington Post.”

Read the entire Yahoo! article at the following link:
Steve Jobs predicted Obama would be a one-term president


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What amazed me about this article was not the contents of the article itself but the reaction my post on facebook got from my friends. The post has been up more than twenty four hours and I am still getting reactions to it.

To me it is immaterial if my friends’ comments are for or against the issue but that there is still a buzz about this post. The power of social media and that fact that it is relatively simple to get a reaction from people about how they feel if it is something they care about deeply can not be under estimated or overlooked. We have already seen this with twitter. I love it!

You can see the reaction as it grows on my facebook page’s comments titled, Alison read an article on Yahoo! Some of the comments are not listed there but are sent as notices to me on a continuing basis indicating people like that I have posted the article about Steve Jobs’ prediction.


Alison's facebook comment © facebook and Yahoo!

Ironically, Jobs had planned to design political ads for President Obama’s 2012 campaign despite Jobs’ one-term presidency prediction for Obama. But Steve passed away before he was able to make good on his offer to support Obama’s 2012 bid for a second term or to see the outcome of the upcoming presidential election next year.

Steve Jobs predicted Obama would be a one-term President
Jobs’ death related to pancreatic cancer
Jobs upcoming biography as reported by the Huffington Post
More Buzz About Steve Jobs’ Biography from the Huff Post Social News
Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs’ Biographer on Wikipedia

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