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Cutting Up The Social Media Pie: Let’s Go To The Videos


There are so many parts and facets of social media. Just attempting to keep up with them can put one into a dizzying tail spin. So what I thought might be fun, every once in a while, is to present a particular slice of the social media pie as its own post topic.

The social media pie

The Social Media Pie @

Today I am in the mood for videos. How about you? YouTube ranks second only to Google in the number of searches that are done on it. YouTube can be a great way to learn, be entertained and have interesting background noise while working on something else on your computer.

I have one Channel on YouTube, MarketingBytesBiz. There are a wide variety of videos on my channel. Some are educational, some are entertaining, and I am still working on some that are not your everyday topic.

In doing my research about videos, I have noticed that I have a tolerance for varied lengths of videos depending upon my mood, my other activities, the attention span, and how much time I am willing to invest in a particular topic.

I have a tremendous admiration for people who can say things very concisely. I also appreciate a longer video if it holds my attention. There are topics that require only a minute or less, particularly the fantastic series about social media by Basil Puglisi, founder of Digital Brand Marketing Education, a multi author blog that I write for.

Other stories and presentations can last the 18 minute designated length. They often leave me wanting to hear more. Then there are the film length and longer videos that have to be segmented to qualify for YouTube viewing such as the Ian Xel Lungold Series about the Mayan Calendar @ Ian Xel Lungold. It previews before the actual video show here.


I would like to combine some of my own video with that of other people and projects to present some of my favorites and some that I feel have particular value. First is my favorite, from a summer vacation two years ago. It seems to be a favorite of other people, as well. It is called, Have You Ever Been Kissed by a Giraffe? I loved every minute of the experience and hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I did starring in it @ Phil Jacobs.


Next is an example of a very short series of educational videos that I think work extremely well. They are amazingly concise and really hit the nail on the head about social media and testimonials @ Basil Puglisi.

A post without an example from the series would be incomplete. The presentations are extraordinary and are about the most up-to-date things that man is doing, creating and experiencing. In my opinion, I would rather than watch these than almost any TV show on. Here is one of my favorites, Thomas Heatherwick Building the Seed Cathedral @ TED Talks:


Every snack you could want for movie viewing

Movie Snacks Anyone? @

Well, I hope you remembered to bring your popcorn, your favorite candy and soft drinks. Going to the ‘videos’ can be fun and entertaining. It can be educational and promotional. It can be a breathtakingly amazing experience, too. Did you enjoy your time with me today? Let me know what you think of these videos as well as the ideas of presenting slices of the social media pie as topics.


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