The ProTeam is composed of a group of seasoned professionals, expert in our disciplines of local business marketing, web and graphic design, new media, illustration, copy writing and sales. We provide all the tools available and necessary to give our clients the best marketing programs available and tailored to meet your specific needs.This includes both the latest internet marketing technology including new media as well as the best of traditional advertising and graphic design communication services to connect business clients with your target market. We can serve businesses that have a local, regional and national focus.

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Alison Gilbert is the founder of Marketing Bytes. She has over 30 years entrepreneurial experience including marketing seven business ventures of her own as well as serving clients in a wide variety of industries. Visit About Alison to learn more.
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Phil Jacobs has been artist for most of his life. His longest freelance illustration project has lasted for over 30 years. In addition, he is a graphic designer, seasoned photographer and avid videographer. View his portfolio website, here.
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Nancy Barbanell worked in the paper industry for 30 years as a top saleswoman in her field. A recent entrant into the social media world, she has transitioned her formidable talents as an award winning sales woman from the world of paper to pixel.
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Craig Yaris comes to us with a dual expertise. He is an attorney and a social media pro. In addition to his knowledge of the big four, he works with permission based emailing for newsletters, is an accomplished blog writer with and is an enthusiastic educator in digital technology.
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Marvin Bzura brings over 30 years experience in video and other forms of visual presentation to the Internet. He is the creator of the local SEO program used by MARKETING BYTES Solutions 4 Local Biz.

Kevin J Gillard hails from the UK and works in the true spirit of virtual communication. He is an expert in facebook advertising and has created hundreds of pages for businesses to ‘Advertise for Free’. He has many other pages devoted to humanitarian causes, local community pages, US state pages, national and international pages. We are delighted and honored to have him consulting as part of our MB ProTeam.

The requirements of each client project determine which additional freelance ProTeam members are required. Each member brings his or her professional expertise to the group to create our boutique style of very personal service.


  1. How very refreshing to see someone who is so world centered while also retaining such individuality at the same time. I spent four years lecturing on my Near Death Experiences, two, one at age four in the UK by impalement and secondly at age 18 by drowning in the Navy. I came back with such clarity of home and a wonderful understanding of Life. I am now looking at starting my lectures for these changing times. What I have seen can help so many handle the transitions by understanding them. Very refreshing to have met you.

  2. Thank you Geoff. I really appreciate your comment. Good luck on your endeavor helping others to better understand life’s transitions.

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