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Blogging my passion, Pinterest

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This post was inspired by and is the result of a questionnaire presented to bloggers, event planners, photographers, social media experts and other professionals by a freelance writer seeking input and opinions on Pinterest etiquette.  Pinterest research and blog posts: I have done a substantial amount of research on Pinterest, have written several posts about …

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A Fond Farewell to the Charrette Corporation

The Charrette corporate culture, philosophy and brand development was such that it is possible that other retail corporations fashioned their stores after Charrette. They were clean looking with simple straight lines, well designed, displaying everyday items as if they were high end designer merchandise.

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The Treacherous Trip from Leopard to Lion: A Digital Fable

About a month ago, I awoke to find that I could no longer view videos on my computer. Was it a nightmare or was I really awake to this horror. I would receive indications on e-mails, on social media comments, on blog posts, it seemed like everywhere. The reason I knew they were videos hidden from sight was because I was constantly plagued by the sign of the black rectangle.

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Traditional Print Advertising versus Digital Online Marketing

Unfortunately, one of the major obstacles to going paperless is the generation of adults, considered baby boomers and older, who grew up and became educated without this technology. The height of sophistication was slide rules and pocket calculators. Now there are the Inbound Boomers to help with this transition.

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Transforming Trash Into Treasures

So began my love affair with old furniture and furnishing, transforming them from trash into treasures. It lasted for several years, became a business and a system for the reuse and (re)decoration of wood, metal and other materials.

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Graphic Design 101 for the Internet by Alison Gilbert

In the early days of websites, the picture was quite different. A site could be nothing more than a digital business card with a logo, the name of the company and the person, their phone number and e-mail. That was called a ‘web presence’ and for a time it sufficed. It was a no-brainer to copy a business card design on to a website page especially with the help of a program designed for such a conversion task.

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Paul Rand, NYC born and educated graphic designer

Paul Rand, born Peretz Rosenbaum in Brooklyn NY in 1914 became one of if the the greatest American graphic designer. He created the logos for some of the major corporations in the US. Before his death in 1996, he added the design of the Apple logo to his list of accomplishments. This blog post includes a video of Steve Jobs describing what it was like to work with Paul Rand.

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More practical and creative ideas from Daily Grommet

Alison Gilbert, Marketing Bytes Maven, Connecting B2B and B2C locally and globally Inbound Boomer, Mascot for Marketing Bytes, teaching baby boomers Inbound Marketing  

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The Oilcloth Backpack

On my gifts wish list this past holiday season, I had included an oilcloth backpack. Keep in mind, I had no idea if such a thing existed but I had decided that I wanted one. Since I knew about oilcloth and had other items made from it, I decided that a backpack must be available, …

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Communities of Culture and Class

When I moved back to my childhood home on LI from NYC in 1988, I was both excited and hesitant. What would I find? Would there be plenty of what interested and was required of me? Or would I find that my exodus from the great metropolis had led me to cultural scarcity devoid of …

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Spring Recess

Due to the holidays, Alison*s MARKETING BYTES Blog is off this week. But in the meantime here is a segment of the Long Island Artist Habitats video showing Alison*s Decorative Painting. You can also view this on YouTube. So grab your popcorn, relax and enjoy.

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The Original Recyclable Shopping Bag

Today I would like to tell you a story about the original recyclable shopping bag. It starts with two places about as different as any can be; the garbage dumps of America and a poverty stricken country, Bolgatanga, Ghana in Africa. View YouTube Video. It has to do with our need for recycling, producing less …

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