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Blogging my passion, Pinterest

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This post was inspired by and is the result of a questionnaire presented to bloggers, event planners, photographers, social media experts and other professionals by a freelance writer seeking input and opinions on Pinterest etiquette.  Pinterest research and blog posts: I have done a substantial amount of research on Pinterest, have written several posts about …

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INBOUND MARKETING: How to Get Customers Without Really Trying, Updated

Readers, what do you think? Your comments and my ability to reply to them are part of the process of developing more ideas, a larger perspective and new theories. This are very important to me both as a writer and someone who seeks to be a thought leader. Looking forward to reading and responding to your comments. Thank you all.

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Cutting Up The Social Media Pie: Let’s Go To The Videos

INTRODUCTION There are so many parts and facets of social media. Just attempting to keep up with them can put one into a dizzying tail spin. So what I thought might be fun, every once in a while, is to present a particular slice of the social media pie as its own post topic. Today …

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Where Have All The Blog Posts Gone?

Where Have All the Blog Posts Gone? One might think that based upon the infrequency of my posts lately, that I had lost interest in blogging. The opposite is the case. I love to write and I think blogging is one of the coolest inventions for someone like myself who has plenty to say, to …

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The Treacherous Trip from Leopard to Lion: A Digital Fable

About a month ago, I awoke to find that I could no longer view videos on my computer. Was it a nightmare or was I really awake to this horror. I would receive indications on e-mails, on social media comments, on blog posts, it seemed like everywhere. The reason I knew they were videos hidden from sight was because I was constantly plagued by the sign of the black rectangle.

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Transforming Trash Into Treasures

So began my love affair with old furniture and furnishing, transforming them from trash into treasures. It lasted for several years, became a business and a system for the reuse and (re)decoration of wood, metal and other materials.

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A Casual Glance at Social Media

By now, just about everyone is at least aware of social media. Whether one participates in it, likes it or dislikes it, favors certain venues over others, social media has become part of our everyday culture and part of our technology in its brief 30 year history. It is also inarguably here to stay and will continue to morph into more and more amazing forms.

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Technologically Speaking

There are many things that are no longer just the way they were. Similar to the story of Rip Van Winkle, someone who had simply fallen asleep or gone underground for a few decades and returned to the present would find his present to be very much in the past. There would be many technological changes that could baffle him. This post, Technologically Speaking, illustrates a few of them.

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Branding, Part One: Design by Dunkin’

When done well using the science of marketing and art of branding, the result of immediate recognition is now approaching ’0′ time between recognizing, purchasing and consuming. With the continually growing addition of new technology, this process is getting even faster and the gap is lessening to the point where our wishes will be the digital genie’s immediate command. I want it; you have it; I see it; I got it. Just like that!

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Graphic Design 101 for the Internet by Alison Gilbert

In the early days of websites, the picture was quite different. A site could be nothing more than a digital business card with a logo, the name of the company and the person, their phone number and e-mail. That was called a ‘web presence’ and for a time it sufficed. It was a no-brainer to copy a business card design on to a website page especially with the help of a program designed for such a conversion task.

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Playing Internet ‘Telephone’

When someone quotes an excerpt from a blog that lists content that another writer wrote, what do you call it? Internet telephone? So I guess I am going to play a little Internet telephone with you.

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Tech care packages for parents (and grandparents)

Ok all you adult kids. It’s time to say thanks to your parents and grandparent for all those cookies and extra socks they sent you in camp and college. Google has come up with a parent’s TECH SUPPORT care package.

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How to Become a Conscious, Educated Consumer

The concept of becoming a conscious, educated consumer used to be referred to as let the buyer beware. It implied that one was supposed to just know how to do things, and if one did not, then one was the fool. Today there is a more enlightened or conscious approach to sharing knowledge and lessons so we all do not have to go through the same pain.

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How Networking Leads Can Become Business Clients

You network often. You have a stack of other people’s business cards that could fill a file cabinet. Yet, you don’t seem to be getting much business. Could it be that you have not learned how to do THE NETWORKING DANCE: 6-Steps 4-Networking 2-Success? Step One: THE ‘ATTEND A NETWORKING FUNCTION’ STEP Make contact with …

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Have You Ever Been Kissed by a Giraffe?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the ‘Introduction to How I Spent My Summer Vacation’, I had not been on an airplane since 1996. So flying to both California (Santa Barbara and Dan Diego) and Colorado (Denver and Basalt) in one month was more than I anticipated or expected to enjoy. But as the serendipitous nature of life would have it, I had three of the greatest adventures of my entire life.

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How to Make Bread Pudding out of Stale Bread

Anyone who has had an interest in both cooking and not wasting food has probably taken stale bread and made it into bread pudding. There are other uses for stale bread, like making it into breadcrumbs, but my favorite is bread pudding. Believe it or not, this blog post is not about food, per se; it is about the Internet and the mention of food is for metaphorical purposes only.

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Just to get you in the mood for this blog post about garbage, enjoy the following video courtesy of YouTube. On a daily basis, I receive mail that I do one of three things with: • if it does not have my name on it, I immediately throw it away in the lobby trash receptacle …

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Communities of Culture and Class

When I moved back to my childhood home on LI from NYC in 1988, I was both excited and hesitant. What would I find? Would there be plenty of what interested and was required of me? Or would I find that my exodus from the great metropolis had led me to cultural scarcity devoid of …

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Our Carless Weekend

The Carless Weekend
No, there is not a misspelling in the title of this blog; it does mean without a car, not without a care. This blog is about last weekend and the decision we made to go without having use of a car. Understand that it was not intentional or due to some altruistic, ecological motivation on our part. At least, it was not that way initially.

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MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business

My name is Alison D. Gilbert. I am the author of MARKETING BYTES, A Spiritual Solution for Business. My mission is to preserve and promote business as an ethical, responsible and creative means of achieving personal financial success and prosperity while supporting the economy, reducing poverty and bettering the world. My book presents and embraces …

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