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Cutting Up The Social Media Pie: Let’s Go To The Videos

INTRODUCTION There are so many parts and facets of social media. Just attempting to keep up with them can put one into a dizzying tail spin. So what I thought might be fun, every once in a while, is to present a particular slice of the social media pie as its own post topic. Today …

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Staying in Touch

My office is filled with the seeds, sprouts and sometimes flowers of the work I have done over the last 30 or so years in areas seemingly unrelated except for the fact that I had to do them. They were like breathing, like feeding and nurturing my soul.

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A Blog Post a Day, they say. I say, Are You Crazy?

My biggest challenge has been that I want to know EVERYTHING about this social media and I want to know it YESTERDAY. Neither of these is possible. But I have come to not only see the dots, and have started to connect them to the extent that the gaps are filling in. It is starting to make sense, a lot of sense. It is also a thing of great beauty in my eyes.

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The Oilcloth Backpack

On my gifts wish list this past holiday season, I had included an oilcloth backpack. Keep in mind, I had no idea if such a thing existed but I had decided that I wanted one. Since I knew about oilcloth and had other items made from it, I decided that a backpack must be available, …

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Have You Ever Been Kissed by a Giraffe?

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the ‘Introduction to How I Spent My Summer Vacation’, I had not been on an airplane since 1996. So flying to both California (Santa Barbara and Dan Diego) and Colorado (Denver and Basalt) in one month was more than I anticipated or expected to enjoy. But as the serendipitous nature of life would have it, I had three of the greatest adventures of my entire life.

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How I Spent My Summer Vacation: An Introduction

The last time I had been on an airplane was in 1996. It was not due to a fear of flying or lackluster interest in traveling; in fact it was quite the opposite. But after 9.11 and all the restrictions placed on air travelers, I became very reluctant to fly. In fact, my husband took …

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Communities of Culture and Class

When I moved back to my childhood home on LI from NYC in 1988, I was both excited and hesitant. What would I find? Would there be plenty of what interested and was required of me? Or would I find that my exodus from the great metropolis had led me to cultural scarcity devoid of …

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Our Carless Weekend

The Carless Weekend
No, there is not a misspelling in the title of this blog; it does mean without a car, not without a care. This blog is about last weekend and the decision we made to go without having use of a car. Understand that it was not intentional or due to some altruistic, ecological motivation on our part. At least, it was not that way initially.

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Reflection on the Holidays’ End

I decided this year that I wanted to experience the essence of the holiday of Passover and holy week which ended with Easter basically coincided this year. That somehow made the whole things especially sacred to me; but I was looking for an answer that did not lie in the religious books of either Judaism …

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Spring Recess

Due to the holidays, Alison*s MARKETING BYTES Blog is off this week. But in the meantime here is a segment of the Long Island Artist Habitats video showing Alison*s Decorative Painting. You can also view this on YouTube. So grab your popcorn, relax and enjoy.

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Alison*s Marketing Bytes Blog is my journey into the 21st Century

Well, I have finally made it. After a year and 60 issues of Marketing Bytes: Business Issues, The Newsletter, Alison*s Marketing Bytes Blog has been born. While the Marketing Bytes Newsletter focused solely and exclusively to issues related to business, this blog will take the liberty of featuring other issues of interest as well. There …

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