Is Your Website Your Marketing Hub? OR do you cold call, send postcards, and place expensive media ads, all to find that your business is still dwindling? Do you assume this will change when the economy improves? Or are you realizing that you need to become part of the movement from Outbound (intrusive) to Inbound (attraction) Marketing using your website as your marketing hub, participating in social media and all the latest technology to attract new customers and increase your business?

Inbound Marketing chart

Inbound Marketing chart © Marketing Bytes

At MARKETING BYTES, Business Marketing Solutions, we offer the latest local Inbound Marketing technology to grow and increase your business. Unlike a traditional marketing company, we have the know-how to turn your customers into your sales force, your website into your marketing hub, and your social media into a powerful marketing tool. Please visit our website  to learn how to become part of the Inbound Marketing generation, NOW.

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