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INBOUND MARKETING: How to Get Customers Without Really Trying, Updated

Readers, what do you think? Your comments and my ability to reply to them are part of the process of developing more ideas, a larger perspective and new theories. This are very important to me both as a writer and someone who seeks to be a thought leader. Looking forward to reading and responding to your comments. Thank you all.

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A Blog Post a Day, they say. I say, Are You Crazy?

My biggest challenge has been that I want to know EVERYTHING about this social media and I want to know it YESTERDAY. Neither of these is possible. But I have come to not only see the dots, and have started to connect them to the extent that the gaps are filling in. It is starting to make sense, a lot of sense. It is also a thing of great beauty in my eyes.

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Google loves Inbound Boomer

Google loves Inbound Boomer, the Marketing Bytes mascot. He showed up 9 out of 10 times on the first page when he was called.

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Business Networking | Biznik

Outbound Marketing, the hard sell approach, was all there was before the Internet. Now there is a choice, a less costly means of attracting customers called Inbound Marketing. Yet many small businesses still struggle with which way to go.

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This is your introduction to Inbound Boomers and first lesson. Social Media is here to stay. So unless you are planning to be put out to pasture or the back nine as a livelihood, you probably want to embrace it, now.

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A local business Main Street Shopping Village at Holiday Time

The word local in ‘Local Biz Marketing’ can be confusing. It is worth taking the time to explain exactly what it means and what the parameters are as it relates to marketing. The word ‘local’ in ‘Local Biz Marketing’, as it relates to business marketing, refers to something other than the marketer working exclusively in his or her own business’ area. It does not mean, as is often thought, that someone who does ‘local biz marketing’ must be ‘local’ to the same area as the businesses that desire to be marketed. Nor does it mean that the marketer only works with businesses in the same area in order to do a professional job.

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